Billington Descendants of the Mayflower

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Billington Descendants of the Mayflower

John Billington family

I am related to this Billington Family that came over on the Mayflower.  This family has some interesting stories.  Have you ever wondered if you are a descendant of the Mayflower?

John Billington was born in England, about 1580 and was executed, more than likely by hanging, at Plymouth in September 1630.  His wife’s name was Ellinor who was also born in England about 1580.   The Billington’s came over on the Mayflower to become independent of the Separatist church group from Leiden. The ship had 102 passengers and a crew of about 30-40 in extremely cramped conditions.   On November 11, 1620 John Billington signed the Mayflower Compact on board the ship anchored in what is now Provincetown Harbor, Massachusetts.  A few days later on December 5, 1620 am unnamed Billington son, in his father’s absence, fired a gun near an open half-keg of gunpowder in the crowded cabin of the Mayflower, endangering ship and passengers.

In May 1621, John Billington, the son got lost in the woods and wandered for some 5 days living on berries and whatever else he could find.   He ended up on an Indian plantation about twenty miles south of his residence.  He was found by the Indians of Cape Cod and Chief Massasoit sent word to Plymouth that John was safe.  Ten men went after the boy on June 11, 1621 and brought the boy home.  This encounter and others led to a long and beneficial friendship between the colony and the Indians of the Cape.

John Billington was executed for killing a John Newcomen whom he saw as his enemy, and his eldest son, John died before him.  His second son, Francis married and had several children.   Ironically, the first European man executed in Plymouth colony was an ancestor of President James Abram Garfield who was assassinated.  In 1636, wife Elinor (Eleanor) was sentenced to sit in the stocks and be whipped for slandering John Doan

The Billington Sea which is a 269-acre warm water pond located in Plymouth, Massachusetts was named after Francis Billington.  The pond is fed by groundwater and cranberry bog outlets.

Mayflower Compact 1620 was signed by many people including John Billington.        

The Mayflower

The Mayflower


  • John Billington
  • Moses Fletcher
  • John Goodman
  • Mr. Samuel Fuller
  • Mr. Christopher Martin
  • Mr. William Mullins
  • Mr. William White
  • Mr. Richard Warren
  • John Howland
  • Mr. Steven Hopkins
  • Digery Priest
  • Mr. John Carver
  • Mr. William Bradford
  • Mr. Edward Winslow
  • Mr. William Brewster
  • Isaac Allerton
  • Myles Standish
  • John Alden
  • John Turner
  • Francis Eaton
  • James Chilton
  • John Craxton
  • Thomas Williams
  • Gilbert Winslow
  • Edmund Margesson
  • Peter Brown
  • Richard Britteridge
  • George Soule
  • Edward Tilly
  • John Tilly
  • Francis Cooke
  • Thomas Rogers
  • Thomas Tinker
  • John Ridgdale
  • Edward Fuller
  • Richard Clark
  • Richard Gardiner
  • Mr. John Allerton
  • Thomas English
  • Edward Doten
  • Edward Liester




  1. I am also a relative of John and Ellenor Billington’s son Francis, by way of my maternal grandmother. I was born and raised in Stockton, California.

    • It is so nice to be able to find your ancestors.

    • I am glad to hear that you found your ancestors.

    • I am also a descendant of Francis, via my Paternal Grandfather…I live in Sacramento, CA.

  2. Hi I’m looking into my family history, how do you know you’re related to this family? Looking to inquire if I could be as well.

    Hope you can help.


    • Sorry for the late reply. I did not realize your comment was not coming to my email address. If you are still interested in having someone research your family tree, please contact me by email at [email protected]

      • I know all my relatives almost personally back 4-5 generations, as my grandmother kept good records and took me to the cemetery with her to put flowers on the graves. From this beginning my daughter-in-law began tracing our family. My grandmother always said we were related to Martha Washington (not George Washington)… I thought that was odd, but late in life I read he didn’t have any children. Anyway, my daughter-in-law works from home so she had time and interest in tracing my family tree. She was able, after several years, to trace my family back to the Billingham family who came over on the Mayflower. This was good and bad news as he was the first person in America to receive the death penalty. It seems his whole family were trouble-makers. I don’t do any family research myself.

        • Ooooops! I wrote Billington, I meant Billingham.

  3. We traced our line back to John Billington too 🙂 Francis was our grandfather 15 generations back.

    • Glad to hear that you found your ancestors.

  4. Yes I am also a decendant of John Billington. My grandmothers name was carol Billington, we found this out researching out ancestry a long time ago when first came out! So technically we are relatives, although quite distant I’m sure!

    • Glad to hear that you have found your ancestors.

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    • Thanks for the advice.

  6. My sister and I are descendents of John & Elinor.

  7. JOhn and Elinor are my 9th great grandparents. How accurate is the painting that is interpreted as John Billington?
    THank you

    • The picture should be accurate seeing this picture is part of the Mayflower websites.

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