Respond to double carbon and build green power!

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The project uses the roof of Zhuhai Comking Electric Co., Ltd. factory to build a photovoltaic power generation project. The factory has color steel plate roof and concrete roof, and the total roof area is about 8,000 square meters. The installed capacity is 999kWp, a total of 2,700 photovoltaic modules with a standard power of 370Wp are installed, and two 500kVA box-type transformers are respectively connected to two grid-connected points. The electricity generated by the grid-connected distributed photovoltaic power station is mainly consumed by the user. When the electricity generated by the photovoltaic is greater than the electricity required by the user, the surplus electricity is connected to the grid.

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After the project is put into operation, it can provide about 1.1 million kWh of green electricity every year, correspondingly saving 360 tons of standard coal, while reducing pollution emissions by 300 tons of carbon dust, 1,100 tons of carbon dioxide, 34 tons of sulfur dioxide, and 17 tons of nitrogen oxides. The surplus electricity consumed by the production and operation of its own park is connected to the China Southern Power Grid, which can also create benefits every year. While achieving energy conservation and emission reduction, the economic benefits have broad prospects.

The project is implemented and managed by the Smart Energy Division of Comking Electric, including pre-project feasibility study analysis, site survey, scheme design, bidding management, and project construction and implementation to ensure smooth grid-connected power generation.