frequently asked questions

  1. Will I have to do a lot of work before you start research on my family tree?

    I will have to ask you lots of questions about the family that you would like for me to research. One Example question: Do you want to research your mother's side of father's side of your family?

  2. How long will it take you to do my family tree?

     The beginning stage will take anywhere from 1-3 weeks. Each family tree is unique and branches out into many lines, often in many different geographic locations. A family tree usually can be traced to at least the 1800’s but the information that is available depends on how far back the tree can be researched.

  3. Can I have more research done after you get results back?

    Yes, just let me know what you would like researched, and I can continue on any of your lines.

  4. How much can you find in one research session?

    This depends on the research project itself. If your tree starts in the 1900’s, it is likely I will extend your tree few generations in one session. If I am working on pre-1800 US ancestors or are determining their origin and or parentage of an immigrant ancestor, the time required can be much greater depending on how many records I have to search before parentage can be established either through direct or circumstantial evidence. I will do as much as possible within the time you have authorized me to utilize. This would also depend on how long it takes to obtain documents such as death, marriage certificates, etc.

  5. I have heard that someone has researched their family tree only to find out later that the information is inaccurate. How to prevent this from happening?

    Each of my research projects include a list of the source documents. If there is ever a conclusion that you don’t agree with, feel free to contact me for clarification.

  6. How will I receive the results of my family tree?

    I will send you a descendant report report which will include the sources which will be emailed to you and upon request will be sent my mail.  I will also send a kinship report.

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