Cetnar Family from Jaslo, Poland

Emigration from Jaslo, Poland

The Cetnar family came over from Jaslo, Poland by traveling on the ship Capella which departed Hamburg, Germany on April 1, 1881 and arrived in London, England.  The family more than likely traveled by rail from Jaslo, Poland to Hamburg, Germany.  Jaslo is in the Southeastern part of Poland.   From the Hamburg passenger list, the family is listed as: Peter (Piotr) with his occupation as farmer, Maria, Adam, Justine, Ladislaus (Wladyslaw/Walter), Carolina, Kataryna and Vinenz.  Their accommodations were not listed on the passenger list which meant they more than likely stayed in the steerage.  They departed from London, England on the ship Victoria and arrived in New York, New York on April 25, 1881.  The family probably traveled by rail from New York to Detroit, Michigan.   This had to be a lot of rough traveling for a family during this time frame especially seeing the youngest was only six months old.

Ellis Island

The amenities at Castle Gardens included two wash rooms, one for men and one for women.  Furthermore,there was hot water, soap and towels, all free to the immigrant.  The garden was heated in the winter and in the warm weather there was a cooling fountain.  There were no beds at Castle Gardens and immigrants.  They were encouraged to go on their way the same day they had arrived.  There is a myth that names were changed at Ellis Island.  This did not happen.  The manifests were made at the port of embarkation or during the voyage so the name on the manifest was determined in whatever port the immigrant left from, not when they arrived in the USA.

Cetnar Research

Because the 1890 census was destroyed, the first census records they were listed in was in the 1900.  The Cetnar name may have been misspelled but it was never changed or shorten. Peter Cetnar was born June 25, 1840 in Pilzno, Poland and died on June 16, 1904 in Detroit, Michigan.  His parents are listed Michael Cetnar and Katharina Stojanowski Cetnar.  Peter was Nationalized on April 29, 1892.  Mary Cetnar-nee Jarosz was born on August 15, 1847 and died on August 9, 1938 according to her death certificate.  Her parents are listed as Thomas Jarosz and Magdeline Madajewski.  Peter, Mary and many other Cetnar family members are buried at Mount Olivet Cemetery.


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