Why Hire a Genealogist?

Do you need to hire a Professional genealogist?

  • Do you know your ancestor's history?
  • Are you researching your family tree?
  • Do you already have a tree online but need help?
  • Have a family bible that you would like in a printed format and/or on Ancestry

Did they come over on the Mayflower or through Ellis Island?

 Since each research project is unique, it is impossible to say exactly when; however, you might need to hire a pro if you:

  • desire consultation on how to solve a research problem or extend a line.
  • do not have time or diligence to do the research yourself.
  • cannot read the language in which the records are recorded.
  • have reached a dead-end or brick wall.
  • need specific on-site research.
  • need help with adoption/birth parent research projects
  • wish to have someone manage your DNA test results on Ancestry
  • are not familiar with records pertaining to a particular ethnic group.

I can do all of the legwork to find your ancestors and your family name history. Genealogy Research can be incredibly rewarding, and allows you to leave your loved ones the gift of legacy. I have the expertise and persistence to complete your family history project.

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