What Will You Receive In

Your Research Package?

What Will You Receive In Your Research Package?

When your research is complete, you will receive your family findings in an attractive report which will be e-mailed or upon request I will send my regular mail.

Click here to see a sample of the genealogy of the Bates Family.

Researching my own family has led me on a continuous journey. This research started with my interest in my Great Grandfather George Walter Bates, pictured on the left.  He is a descendant of a John Bates who was born about 1785 in Yorkshire, England. John Bates lived a relatively long life for the time period and died on May 19, 1845. He married Susanna Lawrence on July, 1812.

The picture on the right, is a picture of Walter Tennyson Bates (who is my 2nd Great Grandfather’s brother), one of my ancestors who is said to be related to the famous Tennyson family; however, this has not been proven yet. Since the actual connections should have taken place in England during the late 1700’s, it is more challenging to find any documentation to prove it.

I have distant cousins in England who are trying assist. It has been interesting getting to know family, however distant. Walter Tennyson Bates was born and married in England and then moved to Australia.

All of his children were born in Australia and shortly after Walter passed away in the 1900’s the family migrated to California

I have an obituary on Walter T. Bates that states that the deceased was a connection of the late Poet Laureate, his mother being a member of the Tennyson family, Lincolnshire.

Click on the link above to see the continuing line of research for this family history.

Family Documents

Upon request I will include with the reports a copy of the original family documents and family charts. The specific documents will depend on your family and the time period/locations.

The type of documents may include:

  • Census Records
  • Vital Records (birth, marriage, death records)
  • Military Service Records
  • Church Records
  • Land Records
  • Wills and Probates
  • Other Records, as Applicable for Your Family

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