EP 2020 concludes, Comking draws a new vision for the world of intelligent and sustainable power

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During the 3-day exhibition period from December 3 to 5, Zhuhai Comking Electric, with a booth size of 198 square meters, joined hands with 1,000 outstanding Chinese and foreign power and electrical equipment companies to showcase new products and new technologies in the power industry, and jointly explore new opportunities for industry development. Although EP Power Exhibition faced the test of the epidemic, Comking Electric still handed in a satisfactory answer under the state of comprehensive epidemic prevention.


The open layout is matched with blue and white tones, and the booth design is mainly based on a simple and atmospheric business style.


Exhibited Products

 State Grid standard digital ring network cabinet series, digital switch cabinet and intelligent low-voltage cabinet, waterproof programmable measurement and control protection device, distribution automation terminal (DTU) and other dozens of products/devices were exhibited at this show 



During the exhibition, Comking Electric's booth and products attracted the attention of many audiences and industry partners. The digital ring main unit series and waterproof protection devices of the exhibiting products were very popular. Chairman Wu personally participated in the customer reception and product explanation.


media interview

Mr. Wang, Deputy General Manager, was interviewed by the live broadcast of EP Power Exhibition.


Mr. Hu, Deputy General Manager of R&D and Quality, was interviewed by Tencent Video.


Mr. Yang, Deputy General Manager of Automation Division, was interviewed by China Electric Power News