"Zhuhai Comking Electric Co., Ltd. Phase II Project No. 1 Plant" ground-breaking ceremony was held!

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On the morning of November 25, 2019, the ground-breaking ceremony of No. 1 Plant of the Phase II Project of Zhuhai Comking Electrical Co., Ltd. was grandly held! The festive salute played Comking's new journey; the roaring machine started Comking's new dream. The commencement of the construction of No. 1 plant in the second phase marks that Comking has reached a new level on the road of becoming an excellent power supply service provider in the world!

Leaders of the company, leaders of Zhuhai Design Institute and leaders of the construction party came to the site to participate in the groundbreaking ceremony, and witnessed the new chapter of Comking's development with all the guests and friends present, and witnessed the dream and growth!

The best commemoration of the past is to create greater glories; the best plan for the future is to strive on the road forever. The deputy general manager of the company, Mr. Hu, delivered a speech at the groundbreaking ceremony and told everyone about the 13-year development history and brilliance of Comking!

A new starting point, a new journey, and every leap of Comking is accumulating strength for the sustainable development of the company in the future. We believe that success has no end, and past achievements are only the "beginning", the first step in the end of the long march. We will ride the wind of dreams, go all out, work together to surpass our dreams, and work together to create greater glories! I wish Comking's performance is rising step by step and its career is booming!